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bullet Get paid on your first referral.  You get the $100/$300 back instantly with your first person.
bullet Instant pay!  All members pay each other directly.  No going through the company.
bullet Compounding income via the reverse 2 Up with the 2nd and 4th rollup.
bullet Powerline payments when the rollups pass their 2nd and 4th upline to infinity.

Imagine referring 4 members a month at the Mobile Agent Pro level.  That's $1200 this month ($300 X 4).  Then get 4 the second month.  That's $1200 right?  WRONG!  If the your 1st and 3rd person you referred the first month get 4 new Mobile Agents, you now have two additional members on your frontline because they rollup to your direct payline.  This is called a Powerline" and will net you another $600 which is ($300 X 2).  So your total income would be $1800 for that month.

Key point...

You don't just get the money.  You keep the two rollups and when they give their 2nd and 4th members up, they roll up to you as well and again and again.  This is to infinity!

Just think of this in longer terms...

What if everyone got 1 person a week?

You would earn $300 X 52 or $15,600 per year all paid direct to you.  Now add the two rollups that you would get and their rollups and their roll ups and you'd have an annual 6 figure income. 

You also add in that we have the Mobile Agent Basic plan at $100 so that will compound the totals.

What if you sponsored more than 4 people?  Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people.  WOW!!!

*Refers to the Mobile Agent Pro Plan

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